Make a post, the text editor allows all sorts of capabilities including adding images and videos

A post with comments, replies and votes.

Users are able to post questions, comment on them and reply to the comments. The question's poster can select one of the comments as a "correct answer", which marks it as such and moves it to the top. Users are able to upvote and downvote comments, which affect the posters' reputation. The original poster is able to add tags to their post, which allows users to find similar posts by clicking on any of the tags.

The posts are shown in pages and you can change how they are sorted and how many posts per page

Admins can add or remove admins

Admins have the ability to create new roles and add/remove users from those roles

Admins can delete posts

Admins can get a different view of the posted questions, they can search posts by keywords found on the title or body of the post and delete them from the database with one click.